Why Well

In balancing health with a good time, you should drink better, not more.

Introducing the first “better for you” Vodka Lemonade

Why Well Cocktails? Because we want you to drink the good stuff.

Most alcoholic beverages are full of chemical compounds that belong in a lab. Anything with “natural flavours” like sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate exist to preserve the shelf life of foods, so large corporations can squeeze more profit for the sake of your health.

Not on my watch. If I wouldn’t drink it, I won’t make you drink it.

Our Well Cocktails are just like our Well Juices: 100% real, no chemicals, no preservatives. Cold-pressed organic juice and the best triple-filtered organic vodka. It’s as simple as that.

Too many drinks on the market are crammed with flavoured this and flavoured that and claiming to somehow be better for you.

Screw that — we’re making a stand. No more subpar drinks. Friends don’t let friends drink crappy liquor.

Join Us. Choose Well.

Jeff Tumbach, founder, Well

This is How We Do It

We don’t cut corners – we show up and do the work. It’s not easy, it costs us and it takes a lot of time. But wellness isn’t easy. We pursue it because it’s the right thing to do. We do it because we demand better.

Only the Freshest Will Do

With vertical farms partnerships like Good Leaf, you get the absolute freshest fruits and vegetables in your drinks

Consistency in flavour

Your drink should taste like what you imagined it to be every time every single drinking occasion.


From cutting down on plastics to using extra pulp to heat homes, we want – need – to do our part to help the planet.

It’s Time to Get Real

Wellness – true wellness – is a revolutionary act. It’s a state of being and action. No need for fanciness, just wholly real.

Health Must be Accessible

What comes off as wellness is really noise that doesn’t really help you. Sure, you can try all the fads but, in the end, it’s about showing up and doing the work consistently.

Always be Curious and Strategic

Quality and sustainability aren’t a one-person show. We partner with those who share our vision for 100% natural drinks and offer even healthier options at the store.

Take the Fight To ‘Natural’

Anything that’s a ‘flavourant,’ ‘juice
concentrate,’ ‘preservative,’ or ‘emulsifier’ is really just one thing: trash.